Thyroid Nodule – Biopsy and Cancer Diagnosis

On March 3, I met with Dr. Maria Pena, my new endocrinologist to discuss the results of the thyroid ultrasound. I was impressed by her knowledge and personality. She informed me that there was a 2cm nodule and further testing was recommended. She had blood taken and made arrangements for a biopsy of the thyroid for March 22.

So on March 22 I went back to Lenox Hill Hospital for the biopsy. This was done with an ultrasound guided fine needle aspiration where the doctor removes cells and small amount of tissue from the nodule and hands it over directly to a pathologist who is in the room. The pathologist takes it directly to the lab to confirm if it was a successful collection. Once this is done, it is sent for processing with the results expected in 3-5 days.

On March 29 I received a call from Dr. Pena who informed me that the thyroid nodule was positive for cancer. My type was the most common type, “papillary thyroid cancer“, and the standard treatment protocol is to have a total thyroidectomy where the entire thyroid gland is removed. So arrangements were made to find a surgeon who honored my insurance. This turned out to be Dr. Dennis Kraus.

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