Thyroidectomy Surgery

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On April 1, I met with Dr. Dennis Kraus to discuss the surgery. His first words were “Do not worry. This is 99% curable.”. He was very upbeat and an amazing person. Surgery was scheduled for the next week on April 7.

I had a pre-op visit on April 4 with my primary care doctor, Dr. Baturalp Baserdem, who took blood and ordered a chest X-ray for that afternoon. I was unable to meet in person with my cardiologist but Dr. Baserdem consulted with him to cover that requirement.

So surgery was finalized for 7:30 AM on April 7 at Lenox Hill Hospital Ambulatory Surgery Center at 100 E 77th St in New York City. Joe and I arrived at 5:30 (per their instructions) and waited to be called. Things ran a little late with the surgery actually starting at about 9:00 AM. It was over by about 11:30.

I woke up in the recovery room where I was attended to by an amazing nursing staff. I was originally going to be admitted overnight. This was optional as my post-op blood tests came normal and discharge to home was possible. I personally wanted to stay for peace of mind but in the end, the hospital was gridlocked with no beds available. So at about 6pm we took an Uber car home.

I am writing this on April 8, about 36 hours after the surgery and feel pretty good all things considered. There are two distinct pain points. One is the inside of the throat where there was a breathing tube during the surgery. This makes it hard to swallow and produces a slightly horse voice. The other obvious pain point is the surgical location where the incision was made and the gland removed. It is slightly swollen. There are no external stitches. The incision is covered with a stery strip which should result in a clean scar.

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